Overview of the ESG Tracker offering

An integrated solution to manage performance over time


Full ESG Tracker assessment, scoring and detailed report.

Recommendations for Action Plan and SDG strategy.

Verified maturity level


Annual ESG Tracker assessment, scoring, and report through virtual data collection and interviews.

Suggested updates to Action Plans and SDG strategies

Verified maturity level


Companies and Funds can select from a range of services based on an agreed package of time allocated throughout the year. 

For example, ESG Tracker Experts can provide tailored virtual trainings on key topics and feedback on policy documents.

Verifying progress on your sustainability journey

Companies are assessed based on how far they have progressed on their sustainability journey.
This provides context for understanding the Company’s overall ESG scores and is a helpful way to track high-level milestones over time.

  • The Organisation is starting out on its sustainability journey.
  • Management have some awareness of ESG risks
  • The Organisation has not adopted a formal sustainability commitment or ESG management system.
  • The Organisation is aware of key ESG risks
  • It has adopted a formal sustainability commitment
  • It has established ESG management systems for SOME of the material ESG factors for its sector and location.
  • The Organisation has a formal sustainability commitment
  • There are systems to manage MOST MATERIAL ESG ISSUES;
  • It reports publicly on its ESG performance
  • It is exploring avenues for innovation through sustainability.
  • The Organisation has a formal and publicly available sustainability commitment
  • There are systems to manage ALL MATERIAL ESG ISSUES
  • It reports publicly on its ESG performance in line with best practice
  • It actively differentiates its business through products and services with ESG benefits. 
  • The Organisation has exemplary sustainability commitments and ESG systems
  • It is a leader in its sector through sustainability, such as through certification for products and services with ESG benefits and active involvement in voluntary sustainability initiatives.
Phase Description
Company completes ESG Tracker online survey The survey consists of around 200 questions in 12 sections. A single company or fund profile enables multiple staff to collaborate on the company submission. They can upload documents as they go. It takes up to 1 full day of effort to complete all the modules. This depends on how much information is available. We usually recommend 1 week to complete submissions.
Vukani Team conducts initial review We review the survey responses and documents and identify any development areas and opportunities. We request additional documents and interviews as needed. Where needed or requested, site visits are conducted during this stage. This is followed by a first call with the Investor or Company to discuss our initial findings. This phase takes 1-2 weeks, depending on company availability,
Vukani team prepares final report We prepare the final assessment report and share it with you to fact-check. A draft Action Plan is provided. Once complete, we arrange a call with you to discuss the findings and agree on a final Action Plan.
Engage Vukani for regular check-in conversations optional add-on Our annual subscription package includes support on a quarterly basis to help improve ESG and impact performance over time through strategic insights and useful resources
Annual progress review and verification optional add-on At the end of each reporting cycle, we capture ESG improvements and update your company or fund’s verified score to show progress over time.